Tyler Stone is a Los Angeles based musician, filmmaker, and award-winning multimedia editor.

He is currently the Creative Director of FemmeKraft, a multimedia label that blurs the lines of genre and gender.


Pretty/Weird. Art by Tyler Stone


I Call Shade | 1.6M views 

Written, Directed, and Edited by Tyler Stone

The Face The Body

Written, Directed, Edited, and Scored by Tyler Stone

Tyler Stone wins "Best Edit of a Short Film" in Amsterdam.

16 nominations internationally have resulted in 2 wins for Stone including "Best Edit of a Short Film"

"I Call Shade" makes #3 in Entertainment Weekly's "Best Drag Race Music Videos" playlist.

Written, directed, and edited by Tyler Stone.


"I Call Shade" hits 1M views in one week!

Check out the music video for Trinity the Tuck's "I Call Shade". Written, produced, directed, and edited by Tyler Stone.